Overview Zantedechsia

Zantedeschia is getting more popular worldwide. Two types of Zantedeschia are used for cut flower production. The Zantedeschia Aethiopica is a perennial which is available in the colours white, green and soft shades of pink. And the Zantedeschia bulbs, also known as coloured Calla, which is available in a wide array of colours. 

The Aethiopica varieties are large plants which produce long stems and large flowers. The youngplants we provide are produced in-vitro which provides the best conditions for a healthy and productive cultivation.

The Zantedeschia bulbs are available in almost all colours; yellow, orange, pink, white, creme, black, purple and red. This Zantedeschia type has to be planted year after year. After picking the flowers, the plants make a tuber. These tubers will be dryed in a dry room. After a period of rest the bulbs will be preparated. This is a temperature boost, that will initiate the first growth of the shoots of the tuber. Then the bulbs can be planted for a next cycle of lovely colorful flowers.

Black Art

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Könst Candy Art Zantedeschia Calla Color Pink Flower

Candy Art

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Könst Black Berry Zantedeschia Calla Color Black Flower

Black Berry

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Könst Sweet Art Zantedeschia Calla Color Pink Flower

Sweet Art

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Könst Ivory Art konartivor Zantedeschia Calla Color White Flower

Ivory Art

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